Wiilpa presents The Wellness Exchange - a series of pop up events that act as a soothing balm to community providing a sense of home coming, belonging and connection. We use preventative holistic wellness, arts and healing practices (music, sound therapy, taKeTiNa, (rhythm based awareness training), and experiment with new heart led sustainable models for collaboration so people can feel rather than merely talk about important issues. We embrace and empower people when they feel triggered to act with others to make a difference in the world.

These events open people’s sense beyond the head based “thinking” to appreciate the wisdom held in the body, bringing people into a deeper connection to themselves, to each other and to country. When people are softly held and dropped into a healing space we focus on understanding in an integrated way the various requirements, practices and environments that foster wellness in our communities on all levels. We also assist in providing tools to empower community’s heart-led action.

For further information or enquiries about tailoring our events or programs for your upcoming convention, festival, retreat or other event please contact Karen Knowles, Founder of Wiilpa at: karen@wiilpa.org.

We look forward to working with you to plant seeds for the future generations.

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