Wiilpa’s mission is to enable a way for individuals and organizations to see large scale issues holistically and harmoniously as we would with a viewpoint from the stars and to create an aware and collaborative environment for the co-creation of goals that can be more effectively achieved together rather than through siloed initiatives. 

We welcome a future where “power over” is no longer the dominant force and “power with” with mutual circles of benefit becomes the way we live and operate. 

We seek to run programs that align with nature’s principles and respect her cycles.   These programs offer all participants the opportunity to tap into and appreciate the value of “natural power” and bring this into the way in which people live their lives, engage with their organisations and their wider communities and the way they relate to others.

Karen chose the name "Wiilpa" for the umbrella organization holding the space for holistic perception.  "Wiilpa" is a Luritja word meaning "star". (Luritja is a generic name applied to peoples speaking several dialects of the Indigenous Australian Western Desert Language).


Karen Knowles


Karen is the Founder of Wiilpa and Producer and Artistic Director of the Remembering. She is a an award winning singer, lawyer, inventor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and has been involved in the reconciliation movement since 1995. She was appointed as an Inaugural Ambassador for Reconciliation in 1998 by the Federal Reconciliation Council. This project is born out of Karen’s work as a singer / performer over 35+ years, her appreciation for whole systems thinking in identifying effective solutions to large scale social issues and her personal calling and work relating to Reconciliation since 1995.

“With large scale social issues it is vital that we bridge understanding – the issues faced by indigenous communities are vastly different to the pressures that exist in the corporate sector – so for change to occur we need to bridge an understanding between all people, communities and sectors who play a role and can bring value to solutions, facilitate discussion and build empathy…the arts can play a central role in holding the space for all viewpoints, allowing these issues to live outside of documents and move these thoughts into the experience and hearts and minds of all those connected to these issues. This project enables people to do and be and co-create – allows them to see where they have been, where they are and explore the opportunities of what is possible in the future – both personally and collectively”.

Min Mia

Aboriginal Elder

Minmia is well known Australia wide and internationally. She is an Aboriginal Elder, spiritual healer, educator and an amazing storyteller and gifted writer from the Wirradjurri (Wiradjuri) nation of New South Wales. She is a carrier of the Traditional women's Lore/law of the Wirradjurri (Wiradjuri) people.  As well as her spiritual and cultural work Minmia is also recognized for her artistic abilities through her artworks which are acclaimed internationally and held in many private collections throughout the world.

"I want to bring back thinking places. I want to bring back the songs. I want to bring back the stories. I want to bring back the sense of belonging. I want to help with the healing. That’s what I want.”

The Global Leadership Foundation

The Global Leadership Foundation’s guiding principles of Self-Realisation, Collaboration and Stewardship underpin the way in which they work and the way they engage with others

Gayle Hardie

Co Founder

Gayle is internationally recognised for her capability, enthusiasm and experience in the world of leadership and organisation transformation.

She currently works with boards and senior leaders all over the world in a range of areas, including: transformational leadership and change in individuals and organisations, strategic planning and development, emotional health and leadership resilience, leading through facilitating, strengthening collaboration, and board and executive mentoring and coaching.

Gayle is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She provides coaching and mentoring to members of this organisation. Among other achievements, Gayle is a fellow and former board member of Leadership Victoria and is a recipient of the Business and Professional Women’s Community Leadership Award.

Malcolm Lazenby

Co Founder

Malcolm is internationally recognised for his success in creating innovative approaches to engaging individuals, organisations and communities in transformational change. 

His significant experience and pioneering approaches in emotional intelligence and emotional health levels in Australia are acknowledged globally and he continues to support, develop and transform leaders and their organisations through this work.

Malcolm is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds degrees in education and human resources. His reputation in the coaching and mentoring of senior leaders to achieve both their business and personal goals has been built on the significant success of those he has supported.

Fiona McNabb

Finance, Treasury and Risk Management

Fiona McNabb is a Finance, treasury and risk management professional with over 25 years’ of corporate experience as an executive, consultant and non-executive director.  Fiona is the Chairman of Pure Milk, is Chair of Vic/Tas Regional Council Finsia (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) and was previously an Advisory Board member of Climate Alliance and Deputy Trustee Director of VicSuper. She is an Industry Fellow at Monash University working as a part time lecturer in corporate finance for the MBA, Advanced Security Analysis for the Masters in Applied Finance and in New Venture Finance for Masters in Administration (Science & Technology).

Eloisa Newalsing

Public International Law Specialist

Eloisa Newalsing, now based in the Netherlands, is a public international law specialist with academic and professional experience in International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, gender issues, International Criminal Law and Procedure, aspects of legal theory and the Law of International Organizations. Eloisa has previously worked at the World Bank and the International Criminal Court. Eloisa is working as an international program development consultant to Wiilpa and is currently working on a suitable case study to bring the benefits of Wiilpa's experiential, holistic awareness programs into global community development work.